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Thank you for contacting Maritime Solutions / InflatableXperts about your repair issue. We will be happy to provide advice.
We do not care what brand or model you have - are intent is to get you back on the water.

Please complete the info as best you can, and we'll go from there.
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Please answer the follow questions as best you can. Depending on what you need it may not all be needed or more info may be needed. So what you don't know now please find out as soon as possible.

 I have the following Inflatable and Outboard:
AB Inflatables Achilles Walker Bay Other - note below
 Size range: ,  Type:   Dinghy, Roll Up, Foldable, Basic Rib, Console Package
Honda Yamaha Tohatsu / Nissan     
 Please describe your issue or problem below:

In many cases photos will help us figure out what you need to do. If you have them now attached them to the email.