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Do we do Inflatable Boat Repairs? 
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Yes, basically if it is inflated we can fix it. We also service and repair outboard motors. Any brand, Any size. Our staff has over 75 years of combined experience with just inflatable repair to say nothing of boat, engine, outboards repair and installation of various accessories

Also we install Davit Systems, do repowers, and upgrade & design.

What does a repair cost? As with any repair is depends on what has to be done. Our work is done on a time and material basis. We can give you an estimate over the phone based on your description of the damage you explain to us at NO charge, or an in shop estimate at a nominal fee (basically an hours worth of labor to pressure test or test run) and inspect the inflatable boat or outboards. This fee for the estimate is of course included in the repair cost as it needs to be done so we know what to repair. More often than not where you may think your problem is one hole there may be 2 or 3. We will tell you up front whether or not we think your inflatable boat or outboard is worth repairing.

Can your inflatable boat be repaired? Generally the answer is YES, however, the real question is it worth it. This is a very subjective issue, but we will help you address it.

Some general guidelines:

  • Floor coming PVC Inflatable Boats is a very popular repair - Once the bottom starts coming unglued from the tube it needs to be completely removes and reglued. This is very time consuming because all the old glue must be removed, and getting the bottom back in the right place is a technique

  • Small puncture or cut (less than 1/2" long - can usually be easily repaired with a simple exterior patch.

  • Large cut, tear or mouse hole (over 1" in length or diameter) - require both an internal and exterior patch where the internal patch is for air retention, while the exterior is for cover, and air retention.

  • Re-tubing an inflatable boat is quite expensive - to the point where it is not really worth considering unless the boat is 12' or longer