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AB Lammina Bow Locker
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AB Inflatables Factory Update
The AB Inflatables factory has continued to improve the quality of the products through strict quality control measures. The result is an even cleaner problem free boat that will make you more money with zero problems. The production capacity has slowly been increased as the factory gains more orders to support the hiring of additional workers. This will improve delivery times now and in the future. The factory is committed to adding personnel as demand requires.

   Upgrades for the AB Inflatables Lammina SeriesAB Lammina Bow Locker close up
The Lammina series has been updated to now have bow lockers standard for the 9.5AL to the 16AL starting with 2011. These new bow lockers are welded in and will come with a bow cushion. Dealers have asked for this change for the past year and now we have it. The factory has done a very nice job incorporating this new locker into the bow. The davit pick up points are now in the face of the locker like the Navigo series making it a more stable pick up. With this new locker and bow cushion you can see how this model will be very popular for 2011. The 8AL and the 9AL will remain the same as an open boat. For those who want the old style open AL's they will still be available on a special order basis only.