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LAMMINA - Aluminum Hulls
AB Lammina - Alumimum
AB Lammina 9.5 with new Bow LockerHOT NEWS - The Lammina 9.5 AL and up have a new Bow Locker.
Standard Features Include: Davit Lifting Rings, Air Pump, Bow Handle, Bow Tow Rings, Removable Seat, Oars, Rub Rail, Hypalon/Neoprene 1100 D-Tex Fabric, Flat Deck which is an Air Retaining Chamber, 9.5 and up have a bow locker, Maintenance Kit   Link to YouTube Video
8 AL sl8' 4"4' 9"6' 4"2' 1"16"33/46S73 LB
9 AL sl9' 1"4' 11"6' 11"2' 2"16"3410S79 LB
9.5 AL sl9' 6"5' 5"6' 11"2' 8"17"3415S95 LB
10 AL sl10' 6"5' 5"7' 11"2' 8"17"3520S117 LB
11 AL11' 6"5' 5"8' 11"2' 8"17"3620S130 LB
12 AL12'6' 1"9' 6"2'10"18"3630L200 LB
13 AL13'6' 3"10' 6"3'18"3730L232 LB
14 AL14'6' 3"11' 9"3'19"4840L254 LB
15 AL15'6' 3"12' 10"3'19"5940L265 LB
16 AL16'6' 11"12' 10"3'19"5950L265 LB
sl - superlight
Lammina is the first line of marine-grade, aluminum tenders, rigid-bottom inflatable boats to reach the U.S. market.

Their 3.17mm (0.125'') aluminum hulls make them very tough and lightweight inflatable boat that are ideal for use on lakes, rivers and rocky coastlines. In these environments, the aluminum bottoms help resist abrasions from rocky shores, coral and sandy beaches.

Unlike traditional aluminum inflatables, all Lammina models remain buoyant even when flooded due to an air chamber located between the hull and the floor. They also provide a superior ride, with far less pounding.

With developments like the Lammina aluminum hull design, it's no wonder AB Inflatables has the reputation for being innovative. These models are available from 8'4'' to 15'.

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