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HB-LX and HB-DX SERIES - Inflatable boats by Achilles  
Achilles HB LX and DX Series
HB-240LX3900#7' 10"5' 16"586 LBS.
HB-280LX41210#9' 2"5' 5"17"8118 LBS.
HB-315LX51320#10' 4"5'4"17"15128 LBS.
HB-350LX61680#11' 6"5' 9"18"15161 LBS.
HB-280DX41210#9'2"5' 17"15148 LBS.
HB-315DX51340#10'4"5'5"17"20159 LBS.
HB-350DX61650#11' 6"5' 9"18"30187 LBS
HB-385DX6TBA12' 8"5' 11"18"TBATBA
HB - LX lighter and no bow locker
HB - DX bow locker version

Standard Features include: Pearl Gray Hypalon/Neoprene fabric; deep "V" fiberglass hull; double heavy duty full length tear drop rub strake; helmsman grip; removable rowing seat; D-rings for towing bridle; stainless bow eye; lifting hardware for davits; lift and carry handles; Hypalon grab handles; fold down locking oar system with oar holders; interior oar straps; two piece breakdown aluminum oars; gas tank tie down hardware; protective transom motor clamp plate; foot pump; and maintenance kit
Introduced In 2009 the HB - LX a range of lighter inflatable boat with rigid hull.

The new Achilles HB-LX inflatable boats provide the critically acclaimed performance of the Achilles DX deep "V" fiberglass hull design in a lighter RIB. While also maintaining the same tube design as DX boats, these new rigid hull models are still on average 20% lighter. This means they can perform well with smaller engines and can be carried or transported more easily. Despite their lighter weight and lower cost compared to the HB-DX series, they are still loaded with all the high quality standard features for which Achilles is known.

These deluxe hard bottom inflatable boats offer boaters the best combination of style, performance and functionality.

Sleek, Euro-style tubes along with lateral seams give them a stylish edge over other RIBs. A deeper "V" fiberglass hull delivers superior performance while a built-in bow locker provides both a seat and a safe, dry place for gear. If you want to take a step above the norm in a hard-bottomed inflatable boat, step up to an Achilles HB-DX RIB. Like every Achilles inflatable boat they are made with our own Hypalon© fabric so they can handle the burning sun of the tropics or cold northern waters without fading or deteriorating. And with their sporty side, they really put "fun" into functionality. Choose a rigid-hulled inflatable that gives you a little extra. Achilles HB-DX was introduced in 2008.

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