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LEX and SPD and SGX SERIES - Inflatable Boats by Achilles  
LEX 772726#7'7"4'9"15.5"462 LBS.
LEX 884913#8'8"4'9"15.5"669 LBS.
LEX 964990#9'6"4'9"15.5"884 LBS.
SPD 2904970#9'6"5'2"17"895 LBS.
SPD 31041210#10'2"5'2"17"10101 LBS.
SPD 33551365#11'0"5'6"18"15123 LBS.
SPD 36561700#12'2"5'6"18"25142 LBS.
SGX 12251474#12'2"5'4"17"35165 LBS.
SGX 13261740#13'2"5'9"18"40L190 LBS.
LEX Standard Features include: Hypalon/Neoprene reinforced fabric; self-locking wood floorboards; fold-down, locking oar system with oar holders; aluminum oars with removable blades; full-length tear drop rubbing strake; removable wood rowing seat; carry bag; foot pump; towing bridle D-rings; protective transom motor clamp plate; life lines; maintenance kit; and self bailer valve.
These timeless inflatable boats still offer boaters the classic inflatable look and functionality that has made them so popular.
They represent the culmination of many subtle refinements over the years that have kept them technologically current while maintaining their traditional appearance. A sleek bow design and ample interior space come together in this classic inflatable boat. A teardrop rub strake deflects spray when planing and improves protection from the inevitable collisions with docks and boat hulls. Other subtle quality features range from an adjustable range wood seat to molded rubber oar holders. They all add up to a solid, reliable tender that combines practicality and performance in an economical package.
SPD Standard Features include: Hypalon/Neoprene fabric; V-shaped fiberglass encased transom; foam matted floorboards and seat; extra seat attachment patches; aluminum battens and stringers; bow carry handle; internal bow lifting D-ring; fold-down locking oar system with oar holders; rear carry handles; two-piece break-down aluminum oars; protective transom motor clamp plate; foot pump; carry bag; (2 bags for SPD-335); maintenance kit; and full-length tear drop rubbing strake.
These solid sport tenders have been a staple in the Achilles inflatable boat lineup for years.
And in all that time we have never stopped making them better. In 2008 they re-engineered them with the new Performax tube design to allow them to perform better with today's heavier 4-stroke motors. In addition to an even higher level of performance, the new tube configuration also delivers a larger load capacity than ever before. They also recently changed their bow configuration to allow for more interior space and added a V-shaped fiberglass-encased transom for better tracking and performance.
These deluxe tenders are designed with larger tubes for better stability, performance and load capacities. Now with their new bow and transom designs, they carry more and perform better than ever. They also feature a host of deluxe features such as non-slip, foam-matted floorboards, aluminum floor battens and stringers for a more rigid floor system, and a foam matted wood seat that can be attached in two different locations. If you compare fabric, features, and price with competing brands you'll see what a great value these SPD tenders really are.
SGX boats have aluminum and wood self-locking floorboards and fiberglass encased transom; Hypalon/Neoprene fabric; deep "V" inflatable keel; towing bridle D-rings; fold-down locking oar system with two-piece breakdown aluminum oars and oar holders; bow handle; four lift & carry handles; helmsman grip; 2 self bailer valves; gas tank tie downs; lifelines; removable dual position wood seat; high-volume foot pump; two carry bags; and maintenance kit.
These versatile aluminum and fiberglass-floored inflatable boats are the perfect solution for a range of uses.
They are rugged and roomy so they can be put to the test as dive boats, heavy duty tenders or utility boats. Their sporty nature also makes them great runabouts that really perform thanks to their deep "V" inflatable keel and large tube diameters. A range of quality features include a fiberglass-encased transom and removable, dual position wood seat. Their Hypalon fabric pedigree makes these sport boats extremely tough...and tough to beat.

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