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LSR and LSI - SERIES - Inflatable Boats by Achilles
Achilles LSR series
Achilles LSI Series
LSR-96 / 29049700#9'6"5'2"17"895 LBS.
LSR-104 / 31041060#10'2"5'2"17"10101 LBS.
LSI-77 / 2302770#7'7"4'9"15.5"452 LBS.
LSI-88 / 2604920#8'8"4'9"15.5"666 LBS.
LSI-96 / 29041140#9'6"5'2"17"874 LBS.
LSI-104 / 31041230#10'2"5'2"17"1079 LBS.
LSI-112 / 33551620#11' 0"5'6"18"1591 LBS.
LSI-122 / 36561740#12'2"5'6"18"25115 LBS.
LSI - Hypalon drop stitch AirFirmPerformaxTM Floors
LSR - Aluminum roll-up floor

Standard Features include: Hypalon/Neoprene reinforced fabric; air keel; fiberglass encased transom; full length tear drop rubbing strake; bow carry handle; internal bow lifting D-ring; fold down locking oar system; two-piece break down aluminum oars & oar holders; towing bridle D-rings; life lines; removable wood rowing seat; extra seat attachment patches; rear carry handles; protective motor clamp plate; self-bailer valve; foot pump; carry bag; and maintenance kit.
At last, inflatable boats that combine the convenience of a roll-up floor with the rigidity and strength of floorboards.

Achilles Inflatables has developed a unique aluminum floor that makes it a snap to quickly inflate and break down these tenders. This new floor design combined with an innovative hinge system makes this roll-up floor stronger and firmer than others while keeping it lightweight. This is combined with an inflatable keel and V-shaped fiberglass-encased transom to enhance performance. Large 17" tubes allow the LSR tenders to carry heavy loads. Add in the improved buoyancy, extra load capacity and smoother planing provided by the new Performax tube design, and you have a roll-up tender that is tough to beat.

Our LSI series were the first inflatable boats made with Hypalon©-reinforced high pressure air floors.

The world's best high-pressure air floor inflatable boats are better than ever thanks to their new Performax™ tube design. Achilles Inflatables new Performax tube design provides more buoyancy and a greater load capacity essential for today's heavier 4-stroke motors. This new tube design also results in a longer waterline, enabling our LSI series dinghies to plane even quicker and stay on plane at slower speeds.

Achilles Inflatables LSI series tenders also have Hypalon Drop High Pressure Floors. When you consider the abuse floors take from scrapes, the sun, salt-water and even oil and gasoline, it makes sense to have the toughest material available to protect them - and that is Hypalon©. So our remarkable AirFirm™ floors are not only incredibly lightweight and rigid, they are also the most durable you will find. Thousands of polyester threads make our air floors super firm.

The additional support of an air keel increases floor rigidity and along with a fiberglass-encased transom* enhances overall performance. With large tube diameters, LSI tenders carry heavy loads despite their light weight. There are six different LSI model sizes to choose from. No other manufacturer's air floor tenders offer more convenience, more quality or more choices.

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