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Walker Bay Odyssey
Model Description Length Beam Wgt MHP
340AF(H) 340 Air Floor Hypalon or PVC 11'2" 5' 6" 99 15
310AF(H) 310 Air Floor Hypalon or PVC 10'2" 5' 2" 88 10
270AF(H) 270 Air Floor Hypalon or PVC 8'10" 5' 79 8
240AF(H) 240 Air Floor Hypalon or PVC 7'11" 5' 66 6
241SF 240 Slatted Floor PVC only 7'11" 5' 66 6
Odyssey line is perfect for those looking for simplicity and performance in a stowable inflatable boat. Light and compact, the Odyssey Series is the ultimate "inflatable boat in a bag". Both the Air Floor & the Slatted Floor roll up to fit in a storage/carry bag (included), making it easy to get on the water faster or store when not in use.

Available in 1100 Decitex PVC (FTL) or Hypalon® (FTLH). (240 slat in PVC only)

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